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Le-Ellen Festivals 2015 

On Saturday 21st February the first event shall be held at Charleston Academy, Inverness. Anyone able to come along and assist on the day should contact Leona as soon as possible. Entry forms are available to download or email requesting one please.


New Year First Fling Dance Workshop 

On Sun 18th January we will be hosting a day of dance full of fitness as well as fun! Dance with Audrey Watt from MacDuff, Leona MacDonald fropm Beauly and Claire Bryce from Inverness on 2015 Championship Highland and Premiership National dances. All levels are welcome to come along and enjoy the day starting at 10.00 a.m. at Charleston Community Complex. All profits will be used to fund the 2015 City of Inverness Championship. 

October Holidays

The school will hold a class on Monday 13th October and also Thursday 16th October 2014. It will be closed from 17th - 24th October then classes resume as normal on Monday 27th October 2014. 

City of Inverness Championships

The school are delighted to be hosting this event again. Please could any volunteers that are available on the 27th or 28th July to help organise the event contact me. We also require donations for the kitchens so again could any homebaking etc be brought along on the day and given to Marilyn Stark.
We look forward to having another successful year and that is why we need your help.
BATD Examination - May 2013
Many congratulations to all candidates in passing there examinations.
BATD Examination Presentation 
8th Feb 2013
The examination award presentation will be held on Friday 8th February 2013 in Green Drive Hall, Inverness at 5.30 pm. All parents are welcome to come along. Please could dancers be in costume as we may take photographs. 
Le-Ellen School of Dancing 
Christmas Concert 
Monday 17th December 2012
Thank you for all the lovely gifts you are all so kind.  Thank you to all the teachers and students, you all performed beautifully and brought tears to my eyes yet again!! Many thanks to Councillor Graham Ross for the MC skills and endless jokes that amused all. It was lovely seeing you all at the concert celebrating 25 years. Thank you Kimberley, one of our first members, she made the most beautiful as well as delicious cakes. Needless to say I need back to classes to shed some cake as well as Christmas indulgences!! See you all soon.
Dance class resume on Monday 7th January 2013. 
We are looking forward to seeing you at the following events :-
The Le-Ellen Festivals 
Sunday 27th January 2013
Saturday 13th April 2013
Saturday 14th September 2013 
Saturday 16th November 2013

The City of Inverness Championships 
Sunday 28th July 2013. 

All events are to be held at Charleston Academy, Inverness. IV3 8ET

Competition entry forms will be available to download on www.toeandheel.com or email 
Le-Ellenschoolofdancing@hotmail.co.uk if you wish one to be emailed to you. 
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